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Interesting things I saw today …

On my way to work, I saw the ubiquitous summer garage sale signs, but I saw an advertisement that I had never seen before. Instead of a “garage sale” I saw an arrow pointing toward a “man sale” and the items involved included hunting, fishing and sporting goods. I thought that was a nifty idea and it took my will power to not turn and scope it out. 🙂


As part of my quest to build social capital in this world, I’ve been a longtime member of LinkedIn, which is a social networking site for professionals. So while my Facebook page has pictures from my wedding and pictures I probably wouldn’t want a potential employer to see (nothing nasty – just pictures of me drinking brandy from a shoe …), LinkedIn is my place to hook up with old coworkers and has some recommendations that my former editors have written, etc.

Well – I got a request last night from a former co-worker who … well. What’s the best way to write this without sounding like a total beeatch? Well, she was a total beeatch and I have no clue why she would want to be a LinkedIn connection with me. I enjoyed vicariously looking at her wedding pictures on Facebook (she should really change the privacy settings) and as much as I’m not fond of her, I do hope that she finds success in whatever career path she chooses, but I’m at a loss. I should just suck it up, “friend” her and then conveniently ignore her. Or else I should just ignore her entirely. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do.


I finally heard from Brother Carl about the upcoming seminar he’s hosting and … I don’t think that Hubby and I are going to go. I don’t think the value proposition of BC’s presentation is worth $50 at this time in our lives and frankly – we can do our own health care directives at this point. I do think, however, that drafting a will/estate planning will be of great importance when we start having kiddos. Until that time – Hubby, you’re stuck with the Evil Cat if anything happens to me. Sorry buddy, you’re the one who married us.

Happy Friday, friends.

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