2 thoughts on “Credit Card Goals: Like waiting for Christmas

  1. It certainly seems like now that your whole outlook has changed, whatever you decide to do in your financial future will be inevitably better than your financial past 🙂 I’d make one suggestion though, based on my powers of people observation throughout my life (I’m one of the quiet ones who watches everyone!) – make good, sound decisions and plan for the future, but make sure you enjoy the present too. I get into the “well then I have to pay off this next thing” or “well now I need to save up for this big thing” mentality somtimes, but balance that out with “I should take this long weekend trip to California and enjoy the world outside of my regular life once this year”. I’ve seen many people of my grandparents’ and my parents’ generations where they just save all their money all their life and never spend any, and at the end of life they just have a lot of money. I just don’t see that as my ultimate goal.

  2. Congratulations on your soon-to-be-had financial freedom. Debt hanging over your head can create all sort of anxieties. Best of all, the self-discipline you learned here can empower you in other endeavors. Good luck!

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