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What do I miss about my former life?

Beks at Blogging Away Debt had an interesting post the other day talking about stretching to new goals and how things have changed for her and her husband since they took on their debt free journey. Beks doesn’t miss credit card debt, but she does miss the yearly vacations that they charged on their credit cards. She then asked her readers what they missed the most on their debt reduction journeys.

I had to think about that for a day or two … Beks and her hubby went on yearly vacations. I’ve only gone on two big trips in my post-college life and for the most part, I was able to pay cash for both of them. I really don’t have a lot to show for my credit card debt – I didn’t buy a big TV, I didn’t go to Mexico and hang out under an umbrella. My debt came from many years of small things – a lot of books and CDs (many of the books are gone now since I have moved so many times), clothes that I got rid of when I lost a bunch of weight a couple years ago, dinners out with friends – the occasional road trip.

So when I responded to Beks’ post, I wrote that I miss “shopping with abandon.” I don’t think that’s what I miss the most … what I miss about my former life is that I once had more time than I do now. To pay off my credit card debt, I work two jobs and I’ve now been at the cab company for two years. There are many stretches at a time when I work seven days in a row, four or five weeks at a time. I can do this now – my husband is blessedly low maintenance, we don’t have kids and my husband does a lot around the house that makes up for me being gone all the time.

I don’t want to sound like Mrs. Complainypants – I’m lucky. I’m on track to be done with my credit card debt in November and then I’ll be free to decide what I want to do with my financial future – be it working two jobs a little bit longer to re-establish an emergency fund that isn’t totally footed by my husband’s savings account or respectfully asking my boss if I can trim back my weekend hours so I’m only working every other weekend.

My husband and I were talking about it the other day – for the past few years we’ve been in a strange financial limbo. He’s not making as much money as he’d like to in his job, all of my extra money is going towards paying off my debt. We’re excited what the future holds and I cannot wait to be five years from this moment and to marvel at what hard work accomplished.

And although we’ll probably have kids by then and a whole host of other financial considerations, chances are I’ll have more time. Since time is what I miss the most, I’m eagerly awaiting a debt-free future.

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2 thoughts on “What do I miss about my former life?

  1. Like you I have goals where I want to pay off the debt we have amounted but I think it is important to balance that with fun things. Although we are working hard, my partners has two jobs and I have one full time job and I work from home at weekends, we still enjoy going out together and making the most of our time. I think I would find it really hard not reward ourselves for our hard work. I would say the think I miss the most is spending without caring. We now have budgets and spending.

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