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Redemption! More people are using coupons

I’m at the cab company, going through old emails and catching up on my reading. This article from the New York Times caught my eye – with America’s economy still in the crapper, more people are turning towards clipping coupons – spurring a new renaissance of frugal shopping.

This was a pretty interesting article, talking about trends analysts are seeing (coupon clipping was basically dormant last year – the current spike is similar to the last spike in 1992 when America was getting out of a recession). It was also interesting to hear what people are using coupons for (electronics! cell phones!).

I go through phases with coupons. I do like scouring through the (meager) ads in our weekend paper, but to be honest – I usually buy store brands. Retail coupons are nice, but they usually just prompt me to go shopping and I would save more money by just staying home.

What about the rest of you – have you joined the coupon clipping revolution?

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2 thoughts on “Redemption! More people are using coupons

  1. I haven’t really figured out the secret to couponing. I buy mostly generics and have found that even at Walmart, using coupons on name brands does not trump the prices of generics usually. I know other people are successful at getting great deals but I haven’t figured out how to do it. Maybe it’s because I cook mostly from scratch and am vegetarian? Who knows. 🙂

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