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Financing the fun stuff

With my November deadline of paying off my credit cards looming, I find myself thinking of the things that I’m going to be able to afford when I finally have that $500 back to myself. (My car payments will also be gone at about that time – but that’s a story for another post.) And no – I’m not talking about a new wardrobe or more shoes. I’m talking about the little things that I’ve put off for awhile – replacing the batteries in my watches; appraising the antique ring that I inherited from my grandma; putting money towards wooden blinds in our house.

But what about the big stuff? J.D. at Get Rich Slowly wrote a great article on “When is it OK to Finance Fun?” J.D.’s article was a good reminder of the patience that one still needs in the pursuit of financial balance – i.e., he could have bought some furniture in March and used store credit to finance it, but they are almost ready to pay cash for it and will save money because of a coupon and a deep discount on one of the pieces that they want to buy.

Hubby and I took a road trip last weekend and we found ourselves thinking about our future and what it’s going to be like when my extra money isn’t going to be going towards credit card payments. To be honest – my mind is turning to how quickly I can pay off my college loans (about $20,000) and then how quickly we can pay off our mortgage. And of course – the hubby has an emergency fund of his own, but now it’s my turn to keep building my own.

In terms of our fun stuff – I’m really looking forward to a new grill at some point and a great vacation (to be honest – it’s just fun going on a road trip with my honey – it doesn’t have to be anything elaborate.) And yes … we will pay cash.

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2 thoughts on “Financing the fun stuff

  1. I’ve thought a lot about what my money will go for when I don’t have debt… my hubby and I pay over $1,000 a month in debt payments and it really stinks. It’ll be nice to pay ourselves instead of paying banks.

    I left a couple comments on earlier posts but thought I’d say hi. 🙂 I found your blog because I was looking for personal finance blogs that could provide inspiration in my debt payoff journey. Thanks so much for blogging your journey!

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