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Awesome Deal Alert! Wendy’s Frostys

I hit the dollar menu at Wendy’s today and got a pleasant surprise. The fellow at the register asked me if I wanted to donate $1 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption and since I think adoption rocks, I said “sure.” Well, that $1 I spent for a good cause reaped me five coupons for free Jr. Frostys. The coupons are valid from 11/1/09 to 2/10/10 at participating Wendy’s.

I see some cheap dates in my future. And potential bribes for some of my co-workers.

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4 thoughts on “Awesome Deal Alert! Wendy’s Frostys

  1. Out of curiosity I looked up nutritional info on Frosty on Wendy’s website:

    Calories 580
    calories from Fat 170
    Total fat 19g
    Saturated 12g
    Trans fatty acids 0.5
    Cholesterol 40
    Sodium 210
    carbohydrates 91g
    sugars 78g

    I normally don’t look at calories, just saturated fat and sugars.
    But with shakes, one needs to look – I’ve seen some shakes out there that have 2,000 calories.

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