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Entering into the home stretch

Well friends – barring any kind of financial emergency – tomorrow I will be paying $400 towards my credit card debt snowball and will have another credit card paid off which leaves … ONE. (I can hear Count Von Count in my head “One! One more credit card! Ah, ha, ha!” Yeah – I may be 31, but I’m still a four-year-old at heart.) This card carries a balance of about $1,230.00 and with luck and work, I will be done … soon. 🙂 I’m still on track for a November 11th deadline, but to be honest? I want to be done now. I’ve told my boss at the cab company that I’m available for extra hours and I’m willing to feed my husband Ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches for a month if I can be done by Halloween. I am getting so close …

So what’s next? Well – even though I will be done with my bad debt, I still have debt – to the tune of $19,000 in student loans. I’ve done the math – if I pay $400 a month towards my college loan, I’ll have those paid off in four years. Then again – that’s with my current job and the current expenses that my husband and I have. To be honest – now that my “bad” debt is almost gone, we’re closer to thinking about starting a family.

And there’s always my non-existent emergency fund. That needs to be taken care of, pronto. I also need to get my retirement savings organized and start saving towards that future as well.

Happy October, dear friends … fall is definitely here!

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1 thought on “Entering into the home stretch

  1. Woohoo to be about done with your credit card debt!! That has to be exciting.

    Let us know what you decide to do after credit card debt. My hubby and I are talking about starting a family after we’re done with credit cards and the car loan but before we tackle student loans. Student loans are such a big debt that you can’t wait until they’re paid off or you’ll never had children!

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