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Free theater night in the Twin Cities

Sorry for all of my readers who aren’t in the metro Minnesota area, but I heard about this link today and thought it was too cool not to post for my MN friends.

What is Twin Cities Free Night? This is from the web site: “This October, go to Twin Cities theater for free. For the last two weeks of October, pretty much all the theaters in the Twin Cities will make a couple thousand tickets available for free, just for the asking. In its fifth year nationally as a program of the Theatre Communications Group, Free Night of Theater now comes to Minnesota, letting you see something new.”

For anyone who has ever been able to sit in awe at the (old or new) Guthrie or take in a show at the State Theater – there is no shortage of amazing talent in the Twin Cities. Take advantage of this!

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2 thoughts on “Free theater night in the Twin Cities

  1. Nice try! The website for my city opened at 11:00 a.m. yesterday. I signed on at 11:20 and every dang show was “sold out.” Still, it was a nice idea.

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