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Correction: Not so much “stuff”

When my cousin and I were loading my car full of totes on Friday, we were both taken aback by one particular tote that seemed to weigh about 90 pounds and took both of us to lift into my car. Now keep in mind – the tote itself wasn’t big, but I knew it had a bunch of books in it, so I chalked that as the reason for the weight.

“Watch, that one was probably flooded,” my cousin said.

Yesterday, I found out that she was right. While most of my totes were unscathed by the flooding that had occurred in my grandma’s garage, this particular tote had sustained some water damage. My high school and college yearbooks swelled up to about twice their size and had molded. Some of my less favorite Stephen King books were also ruined in that box, along with a couple poetry and literature textbooks I had saved from college. I can salvage most of the CDs that were in the box, but the rest of it was pitched last night.

Believe it or not – I am relatively … unfazed by the loss. I’m a bit sad about my high school yearbooks, especially considering that my high school friends and I were in the habit of writing notes to each other in the cover pages, but considering this was one tote out of four (and my collection of Harry Potter books were fine), I’m OK.

I think that I’m also incredibly blessed. I had the foresight to wrap one particular book that I had packed in the ruined tote in a plastic grocery bag before I had put it in storage. It was my grandma’s Bible that I inherited after she died in the 1980s. I would be howling if that was ruined – I adored my grandma and she wrote all over that Bible – little notes to herself all over. As it is – the book itself is fine – it just smells terrible from the mold and rot that surrounded it. Right now I have it wrapped in newspapers, trying to draw the smell out of it. (Hey – it works for my freezer …)

So dear readers – anyone have any clue how I can get that smell out? I will take it to some restoration specialist if I have to, but if I can do it myself at home, I would prefer it.

As I said – I was relatively unfazed by my ruined books last night. Aside from the yearbooks, everything that was ruined can be replaced (although I probably won’t … I haven’t “needed” these books for three years. I think I’ll be OK if I decide to not replace what was ruined.) If anything, I was pissed off at my “irresponsibility.” Sure – my stuff was packed in plastic totes which did an admirable job of protecting everything else. It’s not like I placed these things in cardboard boxes and hoped for the best. But I should have claimed my stuff earlier and to be honest? I shouldn’t have so much “stuff” in the first place.

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3 thoughts on “Correction: Not so much “stuff”

  1. I think I read ?some where? ?some time? that you could put a piece of bread in the sack with the stuff and leave it for just a day or two and it would draw some of the smell?? Maybe I read that? Might be worth a shot – just don’t forget it or you’ve increased your mold problem!!!!

    Hope it helps.

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