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Sleighbells ring …

Thank you to everyone who chimed in with gift ideas for my nephews. I got some INCREDIBLE ideas and to be honest, I haven’t gone shopping yet to actually buy their gifts. Yes, I know that time is getting short, I also know that I might be stuck in Minnesota for part of my family’s festivities due to a massive snow storm that’s coming in.

As much as I’m worried that I might not make it home for Christmas Eve, I also remind myself that it’s cheaper to stay home and snuggle with my husband and cat than it is to get into a car accident due to crappy weather.

‘Tis the season to think rationally …

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2 thoughts on “Sleighbells ring …

  1. If you can’t go, I’m sure your family will appreciate the peace of mind of knowing you’re not in danger braving some storm on the road!

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