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2010: Optimism and lots and lots of deep thoughts

Well, I’ve written this inaugural 2010 post about a dozen times and to be honest … every day that I’ve encountered in January has brought something different – some things good, some things bleh and some things that have caused me much speculation.

Here are the things I’ve been thinking about:

Work – I can’t say a lot about this right now because I’m very much in deep negotiations with my brain regarding what I want to do with my professional life. And so far, my brain is equal parts wary, chicken-sh*t and weary, to be honest. I have some really great days at work, but they are far outweighed by the days where I’d rather shove a dry-erase marker into my eye.

Haiti – I’m an ex-journalist, so I usually have more than just a passing interest in what goes on in the world around me. However, there have been so many tragedies in the world, so many natural disasters, etc., I’ve only glanced at the headlines. Then I found out that a alum from my alma mater is missing and presumed dead from the rubble. He was a seminary student and both of his parents were pastors at a church in my hometown. I can’t be an observer when I “know” this kid who was only 23 or so and leaves a widow on this earth – all while doing God’s work. Are any of you donating to Haiti relief efforts? What are your thoughts on this?

Money – I still suck at saving money, I’m fresh off of Christmas though and just got done with an extended weekend vacation. As soon as the vacation part is paid off (it was a girl’s weekend and the organizer took care of all the details – I still owe her for my portion of the vacation), it’s back to building up my savings account. I’ll write more particulars later.

– I can’t say that I don’t believe in them, because I do. I’m just trying to be quiet about it this year because I’m quietly trying to make some changes in my life and as free as I am about the details of my life, I don’t want to fail. So if you see me munching on apples obsessively, you can put the pieces together – I’m trying to control my weight and in terms of the fabric I’ve been eyeing lately – I might be trying to be more creative and spend more time in front of a sewing machine (second-hand and a gift my parents found me from an auction!) and less time in front of the TV.

I remain optimistic about the future. I had the determination to pay off my bad debt in 2009 – the world is my oyster in 2010. I still believe that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to and can accomplish anything with hard work.

How is 2010 treating everyone out there?

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4 thoughts on “2010: Optimism and lots and lots of deep thoughts

  1. Wow – Thanks for your insight – 2010 will be the year that I turn 60. I ache to change things about me… let my hair go white/or whatever color it truly is. After 25 years of coloring – and within the last few years coloring every few weeks, I believe it is the right thing for me to do and it is time. I work so that job will become an issue. Of this I am sure. It is a young sort of “hip” place and I never feel like a senior citizen but going “natural” will very much change the playing field here. I see their reaction to older people who come into our building and I dread this decision to change on the one hand and then feel very empowered on the other. That will be 2010 for me I am sure.
    Also – I have had this job for 9 1/2 years, I know it, I am used to it, lately I have personally begun to pick up some bad working habits, such as cutting corners that I never used to, not feeling the “importance of doing a project”, coming in late, leaving early. Now some of this could just be a certain nonchalance that I have begun to see creeping into my thoughts, but as much as I am energized with other projects in my life, for me work is not fulfilling as it once was. I could take a few days off, re-direct my ship – but I think it is more than that!

    The Haiti thing – ohhhhhh gosh that is so very hard to watch! I think that natural disasters are to be expected, what is unexpected is the good graces that come forward. I watched NBC this a.m. before work – I was very heartened to see the US military personnel have now landed. There is something about having a US presence during a disaster that comforts me. When I think of the young people/missionaries/ aid workers who have been in that country working and helping for a while and the test to their character that must be….and then a disaster on top of that?
    Wow. What trust I continue to have in my fellow human being no matter where they are located. I will continue to pray – because that I can do always. These are character building times, again. The tested are being tested again and again.
    Money this year – Yes I am saving strongly, not spending. That will be the way 2010 is for me.
    Resolutions? Every year I hope to be a better person than last year…..
    Good luck to you Michelle – hope these thoughts helped.

  2. Emily, I let my hair go natural about 10 years ago, and while I do get the occasional offer for a senior citizen discount, I can honestly say that people don’t treat me differently. Aging is more than the hair, and a lot of people who are dying their hair actually look older because the color is unnatural, or it doesn’t go well with the skin tone. Keep your hair extra clean and get a good haircut, and don’t worry about it!

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