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How to find a reputable charity

Goodwill seems to be everywhere these days. My boyfriend George Clooney is hosting a telethon to help Haiti that will feature my other boyfriend Robert Pattinson. (Oh wait … this is a public forum read by my husband. There’s no one but you, honey …) Irregardless of my Hollywood crushes, disaster seems to bring out the best in each of us – whether its donating blood or going on a mission trip for Hurricane Katrina efforts or the current Haiti situation that is amassing millions of dollars for about a zillion different charities. So, before you get out your wallet – how can you tell if your money is actually going to relief efforts or if it’s being appropriated by random celebrities?

Here’s a couple of links – one is to Charity Navigator, which is kind of a clearing house for charities around the country. I’ve also enclosed this article from USA Today. It’s an oldie from 2004, but it’s interesting to see where people donated their money.

And for the record – I’m still uncertain where I’m going to donate for Haitian relief. I’m probably going to stick with the American Red Cross, but there’s still much research to be done.


File this under random: Saw this Twitter feed from someone I follow in my realm as a food blogger. “What are your goals and dreams for this year?” Remember friends, if you dream it, you will achieve it.

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