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Tired of temptation: Valentine’s Day 2010

Can I let you in on a little secret about me? Here it is: I really suck at being frugal. Sure, I shop the sales rack and Savers for my clothing. I do clip coupons, I do sign up for rewards at my favorite retailers whenever possible and I am credit card debt free. But start waving around a “holiday” of little or no significance, I feel this awareness growing in my psyche … who cares if I know that my husband loves me and that he demonstrates his love for me daily? This woman needs flowers that will eventually die or some sort of bauble that will be worn religiously for about a week and then relegated to a deep, dark corner of my jewelry box!

*Big sigh.* Glad I got that off my chest.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a sucker for Valentine’s Day. I love heart-shaped Sprees (no different than the red ones that come in the regular candy box), I love heart-shaped Snickers bars (no different than the regular candy bars that you can get anywhere), I love the cheap, little Valentines cards that remind me of my childhood and I really, really, really love flowers. Screw jewelry – I love flowers.

Here’s the rub – I’ve spent most of my life as a singleton and I married a guy who sees Valentine’s Day for what it is – a holiday that’s been bastardized by the greeting card industry to drive up sales after the Christmas season. And while I don’t doubt that my husband loves me, I have this weird feeling that there’s something wrong with us if we don’t somehow celebrate Valentine’s Day. And while he thinks this means pizza from our favorite restaurant, I get misty eyed whenever I see Kay Jewelers commercial where some schmuck reads sentiments off of those sugary candy hearts and then presents his lady with what looks like a lame necklace. (Since I rarely wear jewelry, I find myself wondering why I get misty eyed …)

Last night, between episodes of “Mythbusters” and while being assaulted by yet another Valentine’s Day jewelry commercial, I asked my husband what he wanted to do for Valentine’s Day and we agreed that we’d have a nice meal (pizza from our favorite spot and molten chocolate cakes concocted by yours truly) and exchange cards. But I have to be honest – I could just skip the entire month of February for the temptation that it brings. The days leading up to Valentine’s Day usually leave me feeling like an asshole for wanting things that I don’t really need and looking for symbols of love in a relationship that is already solid.

Another *big sigh.* What about the rest of you? Am I the only person who is in this conundrum? How do the rest of you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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6 thoughts on “Tired of temptation: Valentine’s Day 2010

  1. As someone who is terminally single, I don’t do a darn thing. And I don’t care that I don’t do a darn thing. I have no problem with St. Valentine’s Day whatsoever.

    Please don’t get me started on the SCAM that is Sweetest Day!@@ Talk about a bastardized holiday. It was meant to be a day for the giving/receiving of CANDY, period. It was NOT meant to be Valentine’s Day-lite. @@

  2. My hubby and I have a simple, cheap Valentine’s Day routine. We pick a cheap, not romantic boring restaurant and go there. One year, we went to the Shoney’s buffet. It is always fun, always casual, and there are never any hurt feelings. This year, it’s a small take-out chinese for $5 a pop and going to see the Wolfman movie.

  3. DF and I agreed when we first started dating seven years ago that we wouldn’t bother doing anything for Valentines day – it is true what your hubby says, it is commercialised so much that the real meaning of the ‘holiday’ is forgotten, all people care about is ‘buy buy buy’ and ‘dine out’ etc.
    i think occasionally we have bought each other something small, like a chocolate, or some roses, but those are things we buy each other randomly anyway.

    and there is NO WAY i would ever go out for dinner on valentines day. aside from the ‘specially prepared menu’ that is twice the price, places are packed out full of other suckers that are squeezed into small areas trying to enjoy a ‘romantic’ night. pfft. how is it romantic paying $35 for a plate of pasta and a fancy dessert, surrounded by twice the normal capacity of the restaurant?

  4. I’m kind of with you (except I get irritated, not misty-eyed, at the stupid jewelry commercials 🙂 )…I never plan to do anything for V-Day, especially since it comes right before our big birthday month. But as it gets closer I start to feel more and more romantic and suddenly feel the need to go nuts! One year I went from not wanting to do anything in the morning to, by the evening, dressing up, buying flowers, making reservations at a nice restaurant and picking my then-girlfriend up at work to surprise her with all of the above.

    This year I did get sucked into buying nice gifts, but for dinner out we decided to do what Denise above does every year. When we go to fancy restaurants, half the time the staff is stressed out, cook is overworked and wait time is forever even with reservations. So this year we’re going to Bakers Square, a cheap chain restaurant, and we’re going on Saturday Feb. 13. Double insurance, hopefully, that we’ll have a nice, stress-free meal served by calm cooks and waiters. 🙂

  5. I know in my heart of hearts that purchasing diamonds probably helps feed corrucption somewhere, but they’re so…. shiny. I really do like diamonds (even though I too rarely wear them). Valentine’s gets easier the longer I’ve been married- the expectations go down, but then again, I guess I’m probably turning into my mom. On year my man made me a book filled w/ heart shaped red construction paper hearts and each page had a “I love Carol because…” statement guaranteed to make me smile and laugh. We get it out most Valentine’s and reminisce. Pizza and molten chocolate cakes sounds heavenly- enjoy!

  6. I’m with you on this one. This is the first year both my boyfriend and I even have a valentine – and we could care less what we do! We already agreed to just make dinner at home and enjoy being together. We don’t live in the same city so we really just want to be in the same place this weekend! I did get him some candy though.

    I have to say….I also get misty-eyed at those dang Kay’s commercials and wish that he secretly would go out and buy me some jewelry – but I know I probably won’t get anything. And that’s ok. I don’t need it either! I know he loves me without having to get anything tangible to prove it.

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