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This world is a challenge to my finances and to my hairstyle

I have a lot of things going on in my life right now, a few of them that I’ve only shared with those who are in my inner circle. (And no, family members and friends who read this blog – I’m not pregnant.)

There are a lot of days where I end up feeling very sad and defeated. I have this strange little uplift that comes to me at about 5:15 p.m., when I’m pulling into the driveway of my home, to be greeted by the men in my life – the Cat tries to trip me on my way into the door while my Hubby is the one with the verbal and aural capability to understand that most days haven’t gone my way and that it’s taking a great deal of sense and maybe the grace of God for me to not reach for hard liquor or my emergency stash of dark chocolate that I have hidden from my husband and is to be cracked into during the direst of situations. (Wow – the “hard liquor” comment makes me sound like a drunk and the other comment makes me sound like a real winner … sigh!)

What I’m trying to tell you is that I’ve had more bad days than good lately and I can see the effects all around me. First off is my hair – it looks terrible. Worse than terrible – it’s in bad need of a cut and it’s being a bastard and parting down the middle, then feathering back in a fashion that wasn’t even popular in the 1970s. Secondly – my house is a terrible mess. It can be made presentable in about a good hour’s worth of cleaning, but that hasn’t happened this week – there have been a couple extra circumstances that have made this week particularly challenging.

And finally, since this is a financial blog – I can tell that depression is socking my finances. I haven’t bought anything extravagant lately, but when I’m sad, I like to cook and that racks up our grocery bills. It also does no favors for our waistlines.

Yesterday was a bad day – more frustration at work, the joy that my other job opportunity is moving forward, so many other things … so I wrote my husband:

Me. “i’m tired, sad, feeling slightly defeated …”
Him: “i know, but it’ll be ok. you’ve got moxie.”

That comment brightened my day immensely. I haven’t had anyone say that to me since I was a rookie reporter … there was this particular story where some guy – if memory serves, he had been a state employee or something like that – he got caught downloading child pornography on his work computer and was facing some pretty serious charges from the federal government. A quick search of my phone book listed the guy’s name and not even thinking, I picked up the phone. The guy answered, I identified myself and asked him if he had any comment regarding the allegations against him.

There was a long pause at the other end of the phone. “No.” Click! Just as I was hanging up my phone, my editor came around the corner and I mentioned that I had tried to get a hold of the guy.

“You what?”
“I called him,” I answered.

My editor smiled broadly at me – yeah, calling people and asking tough questions was part of my job, but I was also only a couple years into journalism and still needed guidance from time-to-time when I didn’t want to get my ear ripped off by some angry would-be felon.

“You’ve got moxie, kid!”

What is moxie? According to Dictionary.com, moxie is defined as “1. vigor; verve; pep.; 2. courage and aggressiveness; nerve.; 3. skill; know-how.”

Moxie is what made me a decent reporter – I wasn’t great, but I was decent. I wrote some good stories, I met some amazing people and I had the nerve to ask some difficult questions which I used my skill to turn into narrative.

Moxie helped me pay off my credit card debt. There truly was nothing “peppy” about my debt reduction journey – towards the end, it truly felt like I was dragging my very considerable bulk along a desert floor – it was tedious, time consuming and seemed endless at times, but I kept being aggressive at paying down my debt until I am where I am at right now. I have a lot of freedom to pursue other avenues in my life and I couldn’t do that with a gigantic debt monkey on my back.

I am a 31-year-old sedentary being with really bad hair and a poor outlook on life right now. I think it’s time for me to summon up some of my moxie and rediscover my fabulous self – the one that uses a hairdryer, the one that was eating really well a couple weeks back and losing weight, the one that doesn’t bitch so much about their life. It’s better for my health, it’s better for my wallet, it’s better for my marriage and let’s face it – it’s better off for you, my dear readers. 🙂

I can’t help but wonder though – is there anyone else out there that’s in a slump right now?

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5 thoughts on “This world is a challenge to my finances and to my hairstyle

  1. I am definitely in a slump right now. I’ve been wanting to move back home to be near family for a long time now (I’m in LA, they’re in MD). I hate the job I am currently in; I feel as though I deserve a medal just for getting out of bed in the morning. I hate dreading 5 days of the week. I want to work, just at a job that I enjoy!

    I can’t move without a job lined up, since I need health insurance. Can’t let that lapse and it’s slim pickin’s for a job. Especially when you’re trying to line something up out of state.

    I’ve been trying to force myself into a better mood by finding something on the weekend to look forward to. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.

    Hope you get yourself out of your slump soon!

  2. I’ve been in a slump too. I’ve been trying to diet and exercise but most days I say to heck with it. I think SAD and the long winter are getting to us. Hope things start to look up.

  3. Good luck – slumps are hard! And sometimes long…big changes like debt and a new career are long, too. It’s so great that your husband found the right words; hang onto them. I’m sitting here trying to edit a cover letter for a puny job in the career I’m trying to go back to school for, knowing that I’ve already been rejected twice from similar jobs because of the “overwhelming submissions.” It’s hard to be positive, and I constantly wonder if I’m doing the right thing, so then I delay submitting my grad school application, etc. I’m in a circular slump. Oh no, hope that doesn’t mean I’m circling the drain!

  4. Thanks guys for sharing your stories. 🙂 It is very comforting to know that I’m not alone!

    And for the record – I got a haircut on Friday … I think I’m about to turn this slump around! I’ll keep you posted.

  5. Yes! I find myself completely overwhelmed and it’s all of my own doing! I thought I could do all these wonderful things. But when I try to do too much, I do everything half way or not at all. Then nothing is done well. I realized that late last week and I’ve been talking to my hubby to see what needs to go and what stays in my life. Internet usage is going way down. I say that as I sit here typing a reply to you. 🙂 haha

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