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Fingers crossed for a panel interview!

First off, thank you for so many wonderful comments regarding my current life slump. For those of you who are in the same situation, I will have good thoughts for you guys to regain your moxie and to figure out what way is the best one for you to find happiness. For my friends who emailed me personally to encourage me – thank you very much.

Secondly … I got a haircut. Yup – that was my Friday event – a $8.99 cut at Fantastic Sam’s that I coupled with a brow wax. You didn’t want to know about the brow wax, but considering the last time I had one was before my April 2009 wedding, I don’t feel like it was a ridiculous expenditure. (Incidentally it was $9. And now my brows look fantastic.)

On the job front, I had to take a test this weekend to show my acumen when it comes to PowerPoint and Excel – I feel like I did relatively well. And that’s a precursor to a future panel interview.

While I’m not excited about the prospect of meeting a bunch of strangers and trying to wow them with my sparkling personality and my grasp of the sales and marketing world, I’m also not too nervous (yet). While I don’t go out of my way to find myself in situations where I’m constantly meeting strangers, I’m also an ex-journalist. I used to talk to strangers all the time and I know how to get my point across and how to be an active listener and an active participant in a conversation.

This is my process of dealing with situations like panel interviews and job interviews in general:

1) I bought a new blouse – it was on sale for $15 and it’s going to freshen up the black suit that I’ve had for the past 10 years. It’s not too trendy, but it’s not too bland either. The men reading this are rolling their eyes, but I view it as a fifteen dollar confidence booster. And it’s a piece that I will incorporate into many future outfits.

2) I have familiarized myself with the job description that was provided to me and I’ve made a mental list of questions to ask if the opportunity arises. I hate it when you’re in a job interview and the person asks “do you have any questions of me” and usually I draw a blank. Then I think of about a dozen questions later when I’m driving home in my car.

3) I remind myself very sternly that I need to remember to not ramble, to take time if necessary to gather my thoughts before answering a question and to remember to BREATHE. Yes, sometimes when I get nervous, I forget to breathe and I end up gasping at the end of a sentence. I am also very conscious of what I’m doing with my hands when I’m in a job interview situation. Typically, I tent my hands, I read somewhere once that it was a zen-like move that will restore a sense of calm. I don’t know if that’s true, but it stuck with me. And it keeps me from leaving sweaty palm prints on the table.

4) It may be the world’s biggest cop-out but my mantra in life has been a variation of “what will be, will be.” That doesn’t give a person an excuse to sit on a couch, watching the Food Network and waiting for life to happen, but when I look at the jobs that I’ve gone for and the opportunities that did not come to fruition, I see reasoning and I see a path that has led me to where I am right now. Before I walk into an interview room (and usually when I’m psyching myself up on my drive to my destination), I remind myself of all the cool things that I’ve accomplished and what I have to offer as an employee. Yes, my desk looks like some paper dragon spewed forth its contents onto every available surface, but I’m very good at making deadlines. Yes, there are times that I like to work independently, but I’m also a good team player. Sometimes I am not as assertive as I should be, but I’m not afraid to pipe up when I need to. I am a contributor, I am a hard worker and I am present.

What about the rest of you? What’s your process when it comes time for job interviews? Any advice on my upcoming interview?

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2 thoughts on “Fingers crossed for a panel interview!

  1. Put on your favorite CD on the way there – you know the one – the one CD that has been a good friend and your “go to” in times of when the outcome of a situation was unknown. For me – It is Bruce – rocking loud and clear and as I pull into the parking lot for an interview – I go in on a High and go back home on a High. You are ready – now breathe and find that CD!!!!!!!!! Good luck – let us all know!

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