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Leaps of Faith and My Abbreviated Vacation from Employment

I figure the best way to do this is to be truthful … you know how I’ve been talking about my job search and all that fun stuff? Well, the reality of my life is this: My last day of my former full-time job was last Friday. I took a leap of faith gave my three-week notice shortly before Valentine’s Day and intended to do some freelance work writing grants while picking up more hours at the cab company to make ends meet.

Of course, Plan A was thwarted when the company that I was interested in working with called me with a potential job. Later in life, I’ll probably tell you more about my thought process (I suck at self-discipline … the idea of me working at home? A little problematic, even though I had some other interesting options that became available when I quit my former job.), but suffice it to say – when this company offered me a job this morning, I jumped.

I’ll write more later. I have a lot of thoughts percolating in my head. Just wanted to thank everyone for the well-wishes and the advice … you guys are the best!

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