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Spring is in the air!

Today is a gloomy day here in Minnesota, but I cannot complain because the light and intermittent rain that has been falling over the past few days is washing away our snow. Sure, the grass underneath is dead and our yard is going to turn into a muddy mess, but I am optimistic thinking of future days of sunshine and warmth.

Today is the last day of my unofficial vacation – I’ve been spending time trying to organize the office in our home, start some grants for a friend of mine and today I’m going to be putting an order in for a blueberry bush that is specific for container growing. That’s right – it’s time to start seedlings of vegetables and herbs and to start planning our garden in general.

Regular readers will know that I have the best intentions when it comes to gardening – hence I container garden. There is little to no weeding required. I have a tendency to start projects and then abandon them. Luckily, I’ve had some luck with tomatoes in years past and I’m hoping to get lucky with blueberries.

This spring, my husband is going to build me a raised garden bed – my ultimate dream is to grow enough tomatoes to can them, make salsa and all of those fun harvest tasks. In years past, I’ve been blessed by having friends who share produce with me – I’m hoping to be able to return the favor this year.

Gardening and self-sufficiency are an interesting facet of frugality. Obviously, the more that I can grow in my garden will mean less money spent at the grocery store, but beyond that gardening is a rewarding hobby for me. I also want to keep getting better at it so when we decide to have kids, we’ll be able to be more self-sufficient.


In other news … I start my new job tomorrow. I am really psyched. I am looking forward to a fresh start and am committed to working hard and avoiding office politics. 🙂

Also – I get my new, more energy-efficient fridge today. I can’t wait!

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2 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. Ahhhh, a fresh start. Although, I bet there are politics in all workplaces.
    Yay for a new fridge! I went and looked at new dishwashers today. Gonna make my purchase tomorrow!

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