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How do you organize coupons?

I am an avowed consumer of generic and store-brands when it comes to my grocery shopping, however there are some things we don’t skimp on – my husband loves Jif peanut butter and in my forays into freezing leftovers, I have found that nothing works better than Ziploc bags. So the other day I found a 50-cent coupon off of Ziploc and realized that I had another 75-cent one lying around somewhere and while that’s all well and good, I can’t find the 75-cent one. And here is where my problem with coupons begins – first and foremost I am disorganized and my kitchen is a shambles since we went ahead and got the new fridge. So while I think that the 75-cent coupon is under a stack of cookbooks, you see my problem … So here’s my question – how do you guys organize your coupons? And most importantly, how do you ensure that you remember to use them?


My first day at work was yesterday and wow – I know that I’m new and that makes people super nice to you, but everyone was super nice to me. There was some lady I hadn’t even been introduced to and when I passed her on my way to the break room she was like “Welcome to [insert company name here].” Today’s another day – I meet more of the sales folks I’m working with today. It’s a big information overload, but I’m enjoying it.

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4 thoughts on “How do you organize coupons?

  1. I bought a coupon organizer for $1 at the Target Dollar Spot. I’m sure you could find one somewhere like Dollar Tree, etc. They have tabs separating the sections, so I have one labeled “Beauty”, another labeled “Frozen”, one labeled “Fridge”, etc. The organizer is small enough to fit into the front of my silverware drawer in the kitchen. I just go through it before I go to the store every week.

    Good luck in the new job! That’s good that people are being so welcoming.

  2. I also have the Target coupon organizer. I have 2. One for food coupons and 1 for everything else. The sections i have broken down similar to Renee (Breakfast, Fruit & Vegetable, Meat, Freezer, Dairy, etc). I have store coupons in envelopes (Wags, Safeway, etc). I keep these in a basket on my counter.

  3. I use very few coupons because most of what we buy is generic. But when I do buy a name brand, I search for coupons on the web and print them out. Then they are a full sheet of paper. I just keep them all stacked together and pull out what I need right before a shopping trip. I tried buying the Sunday paper for awhile and using a coupon organizer but I saved very little money for an awful lot of time.

    I’m glad that your job is going really well!!

  4. I just use a plastic baggie – keep all the coupons in there and go through them before a trip to the store. I’ve found that most of the time it’s the same kind if coupons I’m using each time – only a few since I use generic too. Yes, I forget once in a while, but we save enough to pay for the paper, which my husband wants. I don’t use an organizer because I never take the time to put them into categories. I just go through the stack.

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