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Time on my hands …

You would think that after a couple weeks of non-blog activity, that I’ve been buried in work or whisked away by aliens. I can assure you that neither has happened, but this is what’s been happening … I am living something of a “normal” life.

The new job … oh man – words cannot describe. Every once in awhile, I feel this very cheesy grin spread across my face as I realize how much I’m enjoying myself and there are times when there’s some 80s music playing over the intercom and I just feel like singing. (In fact, one of my coworkers tries to sing softly to herself – far from annoying me, it actually makes me grin a little bit more.) Don’t get me wrong – I’m working my butt off. Between the learning curve of new things, the actual tasks that I have to complete on a daily basis and the projects that I’m taking on – I am so mentally engaged it’s ridiculous. But it’s also appreciated by the people I work with and I work for, so it’s just so worth it to me.

So that part of my life is ridiculously wonderful. Being as cautious as I am, I expect all happiness to dissolve around August … nah, I’m just kidding. About 60% of the people I work with have been with this company for 15+ years … I don’t exactly know what they’re doing right, but it’s something spectacular.

In light of wanting to keep engaged at work and wanting to give this employer my attention and energy, I made a huge decision at the end of March. After 2 + years of working one of the most oddly fulfilling part-time jobs, I left the cab company right before Easter. This summer is going to be epic for my husband and I … and no, we’re not doing anything crazy or going some long distance, but after 2 + years of living in our humble abode, we’ve decided it’s time to get some really good work done around the house – painting rooms that we didn’t attempt when we first moved in, taking down trees that are beautiful but tragically overgrown, trying to figure out what we want with our landscaping and to be honest? Just enjoying each others’ company.

I thought that working every other weekend would still fulfill my joy of the money that I made from the cab company, but would also give me more time, but to be honest – the money I made wasn’t making up for the events that I found myself missing. And I feel so very engaged in other aspects of my life since I have weekends to rest and recharge.

Change can be a very good thing. It’s still scarier than hell, but I’m glad of the things I’ve done this year in my life. Working in a better environment and working on projects that are fulfilling to me have improved my outlook immensely.

So on another note, I have a milestone that I need to celebrate today. Today marks my first wedding anniversary with my darling, much beleaguered husband. He’s been so instrumental in advising me on some of the changes I’ve made this year, he’s the frugal yin to my spendthrift yang (I’m getting better, but he’s still better at frugality than I am.) Our anniversary was going to be low-key, but another friend of mine decided to get married this past Friday – so between our roles in the wedding and the road trip we went on yesterday – we’ve had a wonderful and adventurous weekend. It’s good though to catch up with all of you. 🙂

Things to look forward to: I’ll finally tell you about my garden and share some tidbits that I learned at a free gardening seminar that I went to a couple weekends ago. I’ve been writing some pieces about job hunting, good resumes, etc. I’m a little timid to put them out there because everything I am not an authority on these things – but I picked up a couple of good ideas on my most recent job hunt. I’ll also continue to share the good things that I glean from my web surfing. 🙂

Hope you’re all well!

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