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I used to really love shopping. That was one of the traits of my personality that got me into credit card debt when I was in my 20s and fresh out of college. On the weekends when I was lonely and had some time to kill, you could find me at the mall using my store credit cards to pad my (already ridiculously large) wardrobe. Some clothes were necessities – the suits that I bought for my first job out of college and used to wear when I had to cover trials. Other clothes? Not so much.

Now that I’m older and now that I don’t have credit card debt, I still like shopping every once in awhile, but not to the extent that I once did. But when I find myself wanting a new pair of jeans or wanting to find clothes for work, one of the first places that I look is my local Savers.

Sunday was one of those days where I wanted to indulge in a little retail therapy. I can wear jeans at my new job and have recently relegated a favorite pair to weekend wear only. They are a little worse for wear due to my recent gardening excursions and just getting old in general. I could go to a regular store and buy them, but I’d rather look at Savers first and see if I can score a pair for $7 versus the $20 to $40 I would spend elsewhere.

I was pretty darn delighted to find that not only does Savers have a website, but you can also sign up for emails informing you of sales and deals. Yes, it’s one more subscription to clog up my email inbox, but its worth it to me to see when certain items will go on sale.

Here are my new favorite thrift links:


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