Happy Mother’s Day!

I was lucky enough today to get to see both of the moms in my life – my mother-in-law and my very own mom.

I’ve learned a lot about frugality from my mother-in-law – she’s taught me to check my receipts when I go to Hy-Vee because if they charge you the wrong price for an item and you catch it before you leave the store, you get that item for free, plus a refund. How cool is that? Also – she gave birth to my husband who is one of the thriftiest people the I know. YAY for my mother-in-law!

I got to see my folks today and we met at one of our favorite places in the whole wide world – we met at an auction. Although there are times when I wish that my family was more money savvy, they have taught me that there are great deals to be found if you’re willing to take time and look for them.

And when it comes to my own mother, this is one of my favorite moments: It was the night of my college baccalaureate and I was in a pickle – not only was my graduation gown too short, it was also way too tight (and here I thought one size fit all?). My mom didn’t even blink, but told me to put on my black dress (which matched the robe), took out her handy shears and sliced my robe up the back.

“There is no problem that we cannot handle,” she told me, waving her scissors at me as she said it.

And I’ve never doubted that … Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there!

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