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… I am fascinated by people who have more self control and restraint than I have, so it has been with interest lately that I’ve been watching the sidebar of this blog and seeing admin’s posts on “Eating Well on $1 A Day.”

This isn’t the first time this has been attempted on the Internet (and who knows who was doing this before blogging and telling every weird detail of our lives), Kerri Leonard and Christopher Greenslate recently published a book called “On A Dollar A Day,” that detailed the month that they spent eating “on a dollar a day.”

Anyway – admin is a third done with their experiment. You can follow the progress here.

I never want to say never, but given how much I love to cook and looking at my grocery budget (that is in serious need of trimming), I would not want to try to eat on $1 a day. However, it is gratifying to watch someone try to eat good, healthy food on a limited budget.

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1 thought on “You should be reading this …

  1. OK I was skeptical, but reading this blog is fascinating – nothing at all like I expected – it’s more like a puzzle or an engineering problem on how to utilize coupons and sales to make $31 go far further than $31 worth of food. The fact that she was donating stuff to the food shelter as she goes…wow. Very impressed.

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