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You were almost treated to a post today about the joys of Dumpster diving (when I was 13 I found a platter in the local dump that was an antique and later sold for $10! You should see the awesome umbrella that I found at the side of the road that usually retails for $30! It was tossed because it was broken, but I only needed to make a few repairs!), but I’m doing a bit more research for this magnum opus and enlisting the help of a friend who is way savvier than me when it comes to finding great deals in used items and later reselling them for a small profit.

Instead, you get to be treated to a few links of good stuff that I read this week – nuggets of joy from the Interwebs.

The Savvy Guide to your Local Farmer’s Market: This is over at JD’s site “Get Rich Slowly” and was written by one of his staff writers on how to navigate your local farmer’s market. There’s some good information in here.

I really enjoy the local farmer’s market in my own town, but there are times when I’m dismayed by the prices. For instance, the $4 I could have paid for a little bundle of rhubarb that would have made about one glorious pie. I am lucky enough to have a mom that has about three different rhubarb sources that she gives to me for free, but that was the going price at all of the stalls I visited that particular day.

I guess if I had one piece of advice for people going to the market it is to stroll around all of the booths. Most times the prices are the same at every single one, but it’s better to price check at all the vendors instead of buying a bunch of asparagus for $6 and finding out later that you could have bought a bigger and better bunch for $5 a couple booths down.

This article on CNN tells you why it’s a bad idea to make personal texts on your work phone. And here I thought that the information in this article was a no-brainer. But …

A column from CNN. This really has nothing to do with frugality, but it stresses the importance of slowing down and paying attention to detail. A few weeks ago, Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And in a plot line that was worthy of the show that made her a household name, her name was misspelled on the star. They were able to fix the mistake and Ms. Louis-Dreyfus was grace personified when it came to the error, but still … c’mon. It’s called IMDB, people! I don’t want to know how much that mistake cost and it’s just a good cautionary tale.

I hope all of you had a good weekend and that your upcoming week is peaceful and error free. 🙂


UPDATE! I was catching up on my reading this morning and found this article on Gen Y Wealth “Five Weird Habits That Can Make Your Rich.” Very good …

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