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My Gardening Update

I haven’t had as much luck with my tomatoes as my cohort Beks has had over at Blogging Away Debt. I had a bunch of beautiful tomato seedlings that I thought were ready to “harden” outdoors and instead of growing bigger and ready themselves for planting, they decided to wilt and die on me. I still have more seedlings that are ready for eventual planting, but really – I wonder if next year I should forget the seedling idea and just buy tomato plants.

However, hope was slightly restored today when I read this article in the New York Times discussing the growing trend of upside down gardening. This would be contraptions like the Topsy Turvy – you plant seedlings like tomatoes or peppers in containers that hang upside down and this is supposed to increase yields (in some cases) but is especially helpful if you have pests in your gardens. (I’m thinking of YOU, damn rabbits!) I actually own a Topsy Turvy that I didn’t break out of the box last summer. I also found this resource for some Do-It-Yourself upside down containers. I think it’s time to rummage through my recycling! I’ll let you know how that goes. 🙂

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