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Living in a one-computer home

I’ll be honest – I don’t expect anyone to feel sorry for me. But when it comes to technology, I have been blessed by free or cheap computers and a brilliant husband who doesn’t believe in buying – but building – his own computers.

So last Sunday, when my $60 computer gave up the ghost, I was slightly reassured that my hubby would be able to just fix it and I would be blogging and Facebooking again in no time. And I would be, if it wasn’t for the darn motherboard. Luckily, everything was still on the hard drive (which is now hooked up to my husband’s computer and dangling in the open case – in his words – “like a broken arm.”) and my husband is good at sharing nice, so you’re not totally rid of me yet.

Today as I write, my husband is at a friend’s house and is looking for computer parts to construct a new computer. It will probably set us back about $300, but we can afford it and considering that the computer I currently am typing on was built five years ago by my husband, I have absolute faith in his abilities.

Do we need another computer? No, we don’t. But part of my (freelance) livelihood is tied into computer access, so we’re willing to eek out the money. But out of all the things that we had budgeted to replace this summer (a new fence in the backyard, new shingles on the roof, etc.), this was something we did not expect.

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