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The benefits of rain barrels

The early bird gets the worm – or in my case a couple weekends ago – the early bird was the fourth person in line at my county’s annual rain barrel and composting bin sale. Every year, the county teams up with a vendor that will sell their compost bins and rain barrels at cost to interested residents. It’s my county’s way to get people to think a little greener and to help residents save on water costs, as well as limiting what is sent to our local landfill.

For $92, my husband and I bought a 55 gallon rain barrel, a compost bin and a kitchen collector. I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits next summer with the compost that has come from my kitchen scraps and lawn clippings and this summer I’m looking forward to using rain water to water my garden instead of just going to the spigot. (And considering how much rain we’ve been getting lately, it’s been a good investment.)

I’ll keep you all posted on how the composting goes – I’m excited to see if we’ll be able to cut back on our garbage service by composting and since I spent precious dollars this year buying compost to amend the soil for our garden, I’ll be glad to keep that money next season.

A lot of communities are encouraging green living – check with your cities or counties to see if they offer any kind of similar program to buy compost bins and rain barrels. If they don’t and you don’t want to pay for a conventional set up from the store, there are sources out there to make you own. (I do not have the talent – they don’t let me play with power tools – so I didn’t even try …). Go ahead and Google “how to make your own rain barrel” or “how to make your own compost bin” and you’ll have a myriad of suggestions.

Be green and happy gardening.

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2 thoughts on “The benefits of rain barrels

  1. I’ll be eager to hear about the composting. Have wanted to try…
    Also thought about the rain barrel – our county sells one for $35.

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