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It’s a (cheap) wrap!

cheap wrap

I had to share this cheap, reusable idea for wrapping gifts. One of my coworkers recently broke her leg, so a bunch of us pitched in some funds to buy her a couple of gift certificates and some wine for her recovery (because when you have a broken leg, there’s nothing like a little merlot.).

Anyway – it fell to me to wrap our gift and I’ll be honest. When gift bags were introduced into society, it was one of the happiest days of my life. But the prices of gift bags? Not as cheap as they could/should be. But lucky for me, Target had a clearance in their “dollar spot” on these straw beach bags. I scored this for $1.25. Cheaper than the gift bags and reusable to boot. Considering that I stink at wrapping presents, I was pretty psyched. So much so that I made one of my other coworkers haul out her Blackberry and snap a pic. 🙂

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