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The thrill of a new year

I should have entitled this “the thrill of a new year … and more dental problems.” In good news? I turned 32 on Saturday. I like odd numbered years, but I like even numbered ones even better. (Hell, every year that I’m breathing is a good year.) Bad news? The twinge in my jaw that started on Saturday morning turned into a full blown toothache yesterday. And although it’s feeling better today, I need to remind myself that it’s because my mom gave me one her Vicodin as a parting gift yesterday.

Ah yes – time for an impromptu trip to the dentist. My emergency fund isn’t great, but I have found that ever since my credit card debt and car have been paid off, I don’t get too fussed about these unplanned expeditions.

I’ll fill you in on my plans for my 32nd year later in life (the 5K in September! Hopefully procreating with my husband! Paying down my college debt!) – first it’s time to get moving on this gorgeous Monday!

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1 thought on “The thrill of a new year

  1. Are you going to do a list like last year? How much did you accomplish on it. Yours was a motivation to do my own – and I think I’m going to get most done – except for that dreaded weight loss. Oh well.

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