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‘Round the Web: Articles of Interest

Good articles from the financial world that you should read!

From the New York Times: People are spending less and are feeling happier than they did with so much stuff. Tammy Strobel and Logan Smith are an inspiration – I don’t know if I will ever get down to just having 100 items in my possession (somewhere, I can hear my mother laughing), but there’s something to be said about simple living. (And now I feel the need to go clean out my office …)

From Yahoo’s Finance articles and one that was recommended by my buddy Paul: 10 Tips to Help You Save $1,000 by Christmas I’m pleased to see that I do some of this stuff, but there are others that I should be considering.

Again from the New York Times – How to Find Free College Textbooks. This is kind of a pathetic story, but between my junior and senior years of college, I worked at a convenience store trying to save up money for my college textbooks. One night I blew $5 on lottery tickets trying to win enough money to cover the $300 I knew that I’d be spending. Good Lord, I wish I would have had Google back in the day …

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