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Am I busy or am I just lazy?

That’s the question that I posed to my husband tonight as we were relaxing before he went off to play video games with his guy friends. He was half asleep in the chair and I was prone on the couch, dreaming about the pot of coffee I was going to make to revive both of us. And it was about 6:30 p.m.

Since then, I’ve drank my coffee, I made a big pot of soup (yes, it’s over 90 degrees in Minnesota, but I was hungry for my mom’s soup!), I’ve caught up on some reading and now I’m catching up on laundry. Later I need to go out and do some watering of my poor, thirsty plants and maybe hit the grocery store since I’m in charge of treats tomorrow at work. (I was going to make treats, but … again, busy or lazy?)

This debate become problematic if it starts affecting my finances, but as we stand right now – I’m in good shape. I’m too in love with having a secure financial future to start sliding into laziness when it comes to going back into debt. On the flip side, I need to keep busy and make sure that if something unexpected happens, I’m amply prepared.

What keeps the rest of you motivated?

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1 thought on “Am I busy or am I just lazy?

  1. Oh! I wonder this all the time!! I never get all of the to-do list done. A lot of times it’s because I end up too exhausted to finish, even though I have the “time.” I’ve recently acknowledged that I NEED time off….I’ve mandated 8 consecutive waking hours of “complete luxury do-nothing recharge” time per week. It’s helped me make more realistic goals of what I can get done, without getting too tired.

    Sounds like you’re more busy than lazy!!

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