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Glad for the weekend!

I had about a zillion things I thought I would accomplish today after the last day of a long work week. But I’m just very happy to be home!

I’ve been extra hours this week to help out some of my coworkers and it’s gratifying because they are appreciative, challenging because I am juggling extra responsibilities on top of my own and just exhausting! But on the upside, I am learning more about the company that I work for and I’m working with and finally getting to know many more of my coworkers.

Here’s what’s on tap for this weekend:

– Blog posts.
– Freezing some tomatoes that one of my dear friends gave me and making more refrigerator pickles out of the cukes that one of my coworkers gave me awhile ago.
– Sleep!
– Finishing the organization and cleaning of my office so I can tear up the carpet and start remodeling.

And … I’m going to go to Savers and look for some “new” jeans. I’ve really been focusing (in my 32nd year, which I still need to tell you about in terms of goals) on losing weight and I’ve done a pretty decent job so far – enough that my jeans are beginning to feel too big and in need of a cheap replacement. I’m not going to just go to the store and buy new jeans since I’m anticipating more weight loss and more clothes donated to my favorite store. 🙂

I hope all of you guys have a great weekend.

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