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Mental health days and making payments in full

I am kind of in love with the month of October. My husband was born this month. My brother was born this month. I like wearing jeans and sweaters – I like how the colors change and just how the air feels here in Minnesota. The cold wakes me up in the mornings as I make my way to work. And the evenings? My blanket is a quilt that used to belong to my late grandparents, I like to wrap myself up like a burrito – the weather enough is cool enough for me to do that and I sleep like a baby.

In honor of this first day of one of my favorite months and because work has been kicking my arse a bit lately, I decided on Monday that I would take this day off – because … well, I was in sincere need of a mental health day.

(I love it … I Google’d “Mental Health Day” and found these articles – “How to Take a Mental Health Day” and the definition of the phrase at Warning you – if you are remotely offended by edgy humor and stupid sexual references, do not click on the link.)

I am sincerely lucky to be in a job where when I ask if I can have a day off and tell my co-workers that I’m taking Friday off just to catch up on stuff, I get genuine smiles and people telling me that I deserve it and to have a great long weekend. That’s kind of warm and fuzzy, but I have to be blunt – I’ve worked jobs where I’ve gotten guilt trips for taking vacations and days off. Not the case in my life right now – I am lucky to be in a job where I have a great support system and I’m lucky that I’m in a job where things can wait until Monday.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve gotten a lot accomplished today, but so far I’ve tooled around on the Interwebs and I’m doing laundry. I also made coffee and scrambled eggs. I feel that it is an accomplishment that I’m sitting here in clothing and not my PJs right now … It’s going to be a “let’s see where the day takes us” kind of day.


One of the other things I accomplished today that was on my intentionally vague to-do list? I paid off a clinic bill that I got earlier in September. My mother was freaking out because I was retaining water in my ankles (which turned my shapely ankles into “cankles” – lovely, I know.) and so I went to the doctor where she tested me for heart failure, pregnancy and something else … my mind doesn’t go back that far to July to remember what I might have been potentially dying of. Anyway – my heart is fine, I’m not with child and as my friend Greg would remind me, I’m always one day closer to dying – so I was relatively pragmatic when my health insurance only paid a sliver of my resulting clinic bill. Today it wiped out 75% of my paycheck to make a payment in full to the clinic, but I’m thankful and grateful. When I had credit card debt, these sorts of things always put me into panic mode because I found myself having to choose whether I could pay off this bill or my rent.

I hope this fine October day finds all of you well and happy.

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