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The (never-ending) war on STUFF

I’ve talked about how I appreciate people who can truly practice minimalism. There are blogs that are devoted to paring down your possessions to the bare necessities and the feeling of … well, freedom, for lack of a better word … when you are living within your means and are living without a whole lot of extra STUFF to clutter your days, your shelves and your spare rooms. (Oh yes, home office – I’m talking to you. We will meet again later.)

And maybe I need to once again clarify where I am on the ladder of minimalism. At the very bottom, looking skeptically at all of those people who are high up above me and have acheived some sense of nirvana. After all – I belong to my parents. I am the granddaugther of an auctioneer, the sister of his grandson who is now also an auctioneer. I hear the siren song of garage sales as I drive by them.

But I’m getting better. Yes, I buy too many books at Savers, but I only keep them if I absolutely love them – otherwise, I give them to my best friend Debbie who reads them and then shares them with her husband and her in-laws. (I don’t see that as needlessly spending money – I’m glad to share the wealth of books with people. I’m a former English major – giving books is my way of saying “I love you” or something like that.)

I’m also tackling my clutter areas and getting rid of things – one project at a time.

My latest war on stuff? (I’m almost embarrassed to post this one …) Wine corks. Oh yeah, you read right. Wine corks. Before a lot of winemakers turned to the synthetic corks, I was in love with wine corks. I had a friend who kept them and if you happened to drink a bottle of wine with him, he’d write down the names of people in attendance and the date of when the bottle was consumed. It was cool, it was kind of nostalgic and then every wine cork told a story.

Um yeah … the picture above shows only a portion of the corks that I’ve collected since I turned 21. And while many have been discarded, I have to admit that what was once a “cosmopolitan” hobby makes me look like something of a lush – especially when you consider that most of those bottles were probably drank while I was living alone and since my nephews now think it’s cool to collect wine corks like their aunt Shelley.

The corks have been relegated to my craft drawer, because so help me God, I am going to make a trivet out of them. But they are out of my kitchen, they are no longer gathering dust and my family is no longer planning some sort of intervention … this is one battle that’s almost over.

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2 thoughts on “The (never-ending) war on STUFF

  1. I used to give away bags of corks on Freecycle. There was always a taker. Now, my grocery store has a bin to collect both natural and synthetic corks. A company in my state turns them into flooring. Cool, but I have so many boxes and bags of items to recycle that it remains part of the clutter. Anyway, you might find out if there is an industrial use for your corks, as I doubt you are going to ever make that many trivets.

  2. I just received a book of yours – via Deb. I love owning books. I don’t really consider them clutter. I think of them as culture. Or something like that. Now magazines are something else. They and newspapers are clutter but I seem to really like them.

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