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Dealing with temptation

While I was driving home the other day from work, I had a thought: What if I took a non-consumer compact in 2011 and limited how much I spent on “new” items? (See “The Compact” on Wikipedia. Oh how I love you, Wikipedia.)

Seriously … I already love Savers. I already have trimmed way back on my consumption of products ever since I started living with my hubby and have paid off my consumer debt. And hell – this former shopping addict now (kind of) despises shopping.

“You can so definitely do this,” I smugly told myself, as I cranked the radio on my secondhand car and cruised on home.

On Friday, I was doing some clean up around the house so I wasn’t totally schluffing off on my mental health day. That’s when I found a catalog that was sent to me from one of my old favorite stores.

I’m going to make a screaming understatement here: I’m not really fashionable. I’m the person who buys jewelry and forgets to wear it. Since starting my new job, I’ve gotten comments when I’ve worn earrings and lip gloss (never at the same time, mind you – one day I had decided to wear earrings and on another occasion, I felt like I looked like death warmed over, so I put on some lip gloss that was gathering dust in my purse.). I really enjoy shopping at Savers and I have enjoyed losing weight and fitting into some of my old clothes. (Shopping my closet is almost as satisfying as shopping used to be.)

So I was OK when I was flipping through the catalog and I saw that a sweater I liked cost $89. No way in hell I’d buy that. The t-shirts? Meh – I can find something similar at Target for way less. Underwear? Oh you are a beautiful temptation, but I buy you on clearance. And usually from stores that don’t charge $20 for a pair of knickers.

But then I saw them. And then I thought of all the ways that they would change my life and my outlook: Boots. I’m talking about those ones that look like something Captain Jack Sparrow would wear, the ones that come up over your calf and end up at about your knee. The ones that zip up the side or the back and look amazing paired with a skirt or with a pair of skinny jeans tucked into them (not that I would ever wear skinny jeans or leggings – there are some things that I will not inflict on this earth.)

I used to have a pair of these boots. My mom got them for me for my birthday a few years back, but when I lost a bunch of weight, they no longer stayed up on my legs and they looked pretty darn ridiculous. So they were sold at a consignment shop. So I know that I can rock these boots – I wouldn’t be venturing into the unknown. And the boots that I’ve been oogling are only $70 and combined with some of the coupons that I’ve been seeing lately, I can probably score them for about $50.

But although I fantasize how trendy I would look wearing these boots, I am brought back to reality by these things: A) Unless they are tennis shoes or unless they are shoes that I will wear every day for a year, I very rarely spend more than $20 on shoes. That’s why society made Payless Shoes, for folks like me. And B) I don’t wear skirts that often anymore and there’s really nothing in my wardrobe that would look good with these boots that I’m coveting.

I guess that solves my problem. Boots? You are adorable and I’m sure you would elicit positive comments from my co-workers and friends, but I just don’t need you. Hence, I don’t really want you. I’m just not that into you right now.

And I’m good with that.

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