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Spare me the madness …

I was running errands today when I heard a news story on the radio talking about how retailers are going to up the ante when it comes to slashing prices for Black Friday.

Given my propensity to try to sleep in as often as possible and how much I hate crowds in general, I think I puked a little bit in my mouth when I heard the newscaster chirping about Walmart will be looking at Target’s prices and coming in lower … even if it’s only by one penny.

I do not deny that there are good deals to be had if you shop the Black Friday sales. And dare I crow that I am about 75% done with my shopping already (I’ve been finding little things here and there since August). But really – I’ve ranted before about my disdain of how commercial the holiday season has become and this year doesn’t seem to be any different.

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2 thoughts on “Spare me the madness …

  1. This is my take on Black Friday. I’m almost certain that the majority of the people looking for bargains on this day will most likely pay for their purchases with a credit card and will not be able to pay the bill in full at the end of the month. Their purchases are no longer a bargain, but plain stupidity.

  2. I refuse to shop on Black Friday, period, for several reasons, one of which is the commercialization of the holiday.

    I have, however, found that if you are going to be making purchases during the season, that the following Monday, which online retailers are making into their version of Black Friday, does offer some good deals, and can be done while sitting at home with your family drinking cocoa 🙂

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