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I saved money today …

… by using coupons. My day was pretty much defined by the coupons that I had in hand, so I need to share:

– I did some Christmas shopping today. Herbergers had their Community Days sale and a co-worker of mine gave me two of her coupon books. (These books were $5 a piece, all the proceeds go to charity – I’m so grateful to Cindy for sharing!). I used a $10 coupon to get a new shower curtain for our bathroom that’s going through a remodel right now. (We’re doing it on the frugal side – just paint and a new shower curtain, it will very much update what we have going on in the bathroom that is stuck in the 1970s.) The shower curtain was originally $80 (ick! Never would have paid that much – I don’t care how great it looks), it was marked down to $40 and I got it for $30. Yes, I could have found something that was even cheaper, but this is probably the third shower curtain that I’ve purchased in my life. I also used some 20% off coupons to get some Christmas gifts for my family members. Overall I saved $120 and I’m *this much closer* to being done with my Christmas shopping.

– The nearest grocery store in proximity to my house is Cub Foods. I don’t particularly like going there, because it isn’t really well lit and I prefer going to HyVee, but Cub sends me coupon books from time to time and since they had baby carrots marked down to .99 with coupon and diced tomatoes at .69 a can (diced tomatoes are one of the top things in my pantry), I decided to head there to stock up. And I’m so glad that I did, because their store-brand butter was 2 for $3. Butter has been at a ridiculous price lately and I do a lot of baking, so I was glad to see that deal. With all of my coupons, I saved $4.58, which … and this is handy-dandy … my reciept informs me was 32% of my purchase. I’m almost tempted to keep going back to see if I can get that number to keep going up.

– I am a member of my town’s local food co-op. I don’t buy a lot there, but given the amount of cooking and baking that I like to do, it’s a great place to stock up on bulk food items like rolled oats, rice, lentils and flour. I was out of lentils, getting low on basmati rice and out of rolled oats, so I used my 5% “anytime” coupon (as part of my membership, I get these 5% off my purchase coupons on a quarterly basis). I only saved .78, but rolled oats are .77 per pound … that’s a pound of rolled oats, which is more than you might realize.

– Finally, I finished off my grocery shopping at Target. I don’t grocery shop at Target for the majority of my items, but there are times where I have found insanely good deals on their store brand milk and some of their meats. I had a coupon for $5 off any grocery order that was over $50. I just barely made it, but between that coupon and some other coupons that I had received for dish soap, cheese and food storage bags, I ended up saving $10.49.

The amount that I saved Christmas shopping today was out of the ordinary for me … if my co-worker wouldn’t have generously shared those coupon books with me (I gave the other one to a friend), I wouldn’t have attended the sale. But if you set that aside and look at the other savings I realized today, I saved over $15. Or as my husband would say, that’s a 12-pack of Leinenkugel’s on sale and a pizza from Little Caesars.

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