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Some shopping I can support

One of my best friends from college owns an independent bookstore in the Twin Cities. And although it’s not always the cheapest route of action, I really try to support him by buying my books from him. I have nothing against Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble or any of the other outlets I used to buy my books from (and let me be frank, there are times when I still buy stuff from the chain stores), but shopping local is meaningful to me.

Today is the first-ever “Small Business Saturday” which encourages folks to shop outside the (big) box and give independent and small retailers a chance.

Is it something that you have to do? No. Is it the frugal thing to do? Not necessarily. But it’s meaningful to the people who run these businesses – businesses that are oftentimes a labor of love.

**Just a note … I did think about going to Menards this morning, because they had a couple of items that looked really neat and were a good buy. So I decided to swing by there after work, because there was no way that Menards would be busy. Um yeah, I was wrong! No Menards for me!

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1 thought on “Some shopping I can support

  1. We agree… we try to patronize locally owned businesses as much as possible. We figure if we help the locals, we are helping our community because the bulk of the money spent stays in the community.

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