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Adventures in home haircutting

Let me go on record as saying this first: When it comes to my hair and haircuts, if I could, I would totally shave my head. But since I really can’t do that, I’ve now settled on the next best thing – shaving my husband’s head.

On Sunday, I purchased one of those Wahl hair trimmers for $26 at Walmart. Buying one of those has been something that Hubby and I have gone back and forth about – yeah, it’s a good idea, his haircuts are about $10 a pop – it would pay for itself in no time. But at the same time, it’s one of those things that wasn’t a really high priority of my things to acquire. But since I was driving back from my hometown and the Walmart there isn’t as busy as the ones where I live, I decided to stop by.

My husband is no stranger to home haircuts. His mom used to be a stylist and still cuts my husband’s hair on occasion (and does a far better job, I might add – she wields scissors, I just threatened him with a reverse mohawk.). And since I don’t really have to do anything fancy except make sure that everything is cut evenly … I think I can handle this.

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1 thought on “Adventures in home haircutting

  1. With a bit of practice – you get better. I’ve used the trimmer on my husband’s hair – just to clean it up….stretch the haircuts out a bit more.
    I cut both my kids’ hair and I have no background what so ever. We usually get 2 professional haircuts a year and I do the in betweens. With a girl, it’s easy. My son – I’m getting the hang of it. First time, I did cut his ear….it bled….quite a bit.

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