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No such thing as cheap …

The snow started falling in our neighborhood on Friday evening and it didn’t stop until sometime last night, leaving us with 16 inches of snow. Although it’s an inconvenience, there’s been something nice about being forceably confined to home. Half of my Christmas baking is done, I slept until 9 this morning and now I’m looking at cell phone plans, because that’s something that I’ve put off forever.

And here’s what I’m coming up with – there’s no such thing as a cheap cell phone plan. Right now, we are on AT&T and have the cheapest family plan possible – $50 and then $9.99 for an additional line. We have all of these phone minutes, but we probably use a tenth of that. And we can’t go any cheaper. I’ve searched a couple other carriers and we actually have the cheapest plan that I’ve found.

What is everyone else doing? Where else should I be looking?

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6 thoughts on “No such thing as cheap …

  1. You can go considerably cheaper if you’re willing to wean yourself from the typical cell phone.

    I use a prepaid cell phone that costs about $12 a month, but I admit I don’t talk on it a lot.

  2. I have TMobile and only pay around $25 per month for my phone. I get 200 whenever minutes and that is usually more than I use per month.

  3. I’m on Verizon – been with the same company forever – 700 minutes for 26.00. No texting or anything special.

  4. My husband and I are on Sprint, and pay $60 with tax a month for two lines. 1000 anytime minutes, nights & weekends starts at 7 pm, and we each get 300 text messages. And Sprint to Sprint is free. But we are on a really old plan; we usually try to call the retention department when our contract is up to see if we could do any better, but it seems like for now we can’t actually do any better, so we’re stuck.

  5. I happen to agree that there really are no cheap plans, mostly because competition has dwindled down to 3 major companies 🙁

    So…my suggestion is to try and find a couple of people to go in on service with – on Sprint, which I’m on, you can have up to 5 phones on a plan for $10/month extra per phone, so if you get 5 people, you’re dividing up a lot of the plan cost by 5. Plus you get to split the cost of things like “unlimited texting” because everyone on the plan gets it, but it’s still one flat fee.

    We currently have 3 people on my plan (my partner and my mom) and she was paying $65/month just by herself, which went down to an extra $10 to add onto my plan. So, saved her a bunch of $ and cut my bill down some too. If I could find 2 more people, it would definitely be worth a small amount of hassle/coordination.

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