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Now we’re talking storage!

My husband and I have to announce a new member of our household … a 5 cu.ft. chest freezer that has taken occupancy in our work room. I cannot TELL you how excited I am about this freezer, especially considering that our freezer upstairs is the size of a shoebox and I like to do things like make my own stock for soups and stuff like that.

A big challenge that I see in my future is to be wise about what I buy – this isn’t an excuse to start buying random things on sale just because they are on sale and because I have a chest freezer that has a ton of food storage possibilities. Another thing that I’m going to need to be smart about too is wrapping foods so they don’t get freezer burn – I’ve had to chuck some cuts of meat because they have fallen victim to the burn.

If anyone has any suggestions – I’m all ears!

(Editor’s note – big thanks to my in-laws for coming up this weekend with their Honda Element to help us haul our new “baby” home. :-))

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1 thought on “Now we’re talking storage!

  1. One of those is in our near future, it’s just a matter of if it’s before or after we move (end of summer)…and yes, you have to be aware that you want to fill it with things that are worthy of the space–and worthy of you eating–not just because they’re on sale.

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