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Thinking about DIY …

With more funds available to us to do some of the home upgrades and remodels that we’ve put off for so long, I find myself thinking about the priorities that we need to set and wondering how much of the work we can do ourselves?

I forwarded an email to my husband today from a big box retailer that promised a weekend bathroom remodel for less than $500 and I found myself tempted by the smiles of the folks featured in the email communication. They make installing tile look SO EASY.

And I want to be that person – but I’ll be honest – I know that I’m likely not that person. (And maybe I should do something like hang up the pictures in the living room – a project that I’ve put off for two years – before I think about laying tile.) But I’m also curious to take some classes – the aforementioned big box store has seminars that feature DIY home improvement projects.

I know that some of my readers have more experience with DIY projects than I do … any tips out there? I am curious to find out what kind of cost savings are available by actually doing projects around the house instead of hiring someone to do it.

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1 thought on “Thinking about DIY …

  1. My experience with DIY has had mixed results…in some cases I’ve ended up spending more money later fixing whatever it was I tried to do myself and shouldn’t have. I think I’ve come to two general guidelines I follow – the projects I will “DIY” are either things that can’t be seen (e.g. when I finished the basement I did all the electrical work, which, as long as it’s done correctly and inspected, isn’t something that 2 years later you can look at and say “boy that is ugly”) or things that I know I can do as good a job on as hiring someone else to do it (e.g. I did all the painting for my basement finish, and was willing to put in the time and patience into doing a good job). And it should go without saying that if it doesn’t cost more to hire someone (rare, but is sometimes the case) it makes sense to just hire it out.

    I think some people have more of a DIY personality too, and have the time and patience (or experience) to do a good job. I’ve learned to admit that in some cases I don’t.

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