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We’re going to call this “housekeeping”

It’s Saturday – the day to do housework and surf on the Web. 🙂

Here’s what I’m finding today …

Remember how I talked about my penchant for keeping wine corks? Little did I know that they could someday be used for something spectacular in my kitchen. Wine cork cabinet pulls … Lord knows I have enough to outfit about a dozen houses …

I’m also doing a little housekeeping on my blog drafts that I have here … this one was supposed to be called “What I Find When I Purge.”

Remember how I said that it would take me weeks to get organized? Well, after bemoaning my fate as perpetually disorganized, I decided to hep myself up on some Diet Coke with Lime and take baby steps towards organization.

It’s scary what I found when going through old emails …

I had sent myself this article in August 2008. Still good information …

“Pillsbury is by far my favorite, but it will cost at least $2.50 for the roll-out variety.” Lindsey wrote that comment … oftentimes I’ll find coupons for Pillsbury on their website or they are a perennial in Sunday coupon ads.

And I wrote this on 10/30/08: “I get excited when Midwest Living comes to my door, but not enough to decorate my house. Who has some cheap ideas for decorating?” I’m assuming I meant to ask this to you all – so … give. 🙂 It only took me two years to find this little nugget.

This one is a little moldy and from December 2010: Snowmaggedon 2010 gave me a lot of time to catch up on old articles in my Google Reader and elsewhere in the blogosphere:

I swear that Frugal Babe has been listening to conversations I’ve been having with my husband lately. She talks about consumerism and the holidays; joint finances for couples; how her relationship with money has changed … I sent links to almost all of these articles to my hubby so we can discuss later. In 2011, we’re going to reexplore our financial situation. After three years of cohabiting and a year and a half of marriage, we still have separate finances. That seemed to work when all of my spare money was going to my credit card debt, but now that’s paid off, it doesn’t feel like this is the best way to handle our finances. But we’re still hammering out the details.

And it’s too late now, but every year I read articles about “buy nothing” holidays and every year, I swear that I will do something similar in my family. But I do enjoy finding things that I think will be much appreciated by the recipient. I’ve had a great time this year finding little treasures for the people that I love. Although I don’t know if I will ever do a “buy nothing” holiday, everything I’ve read really drives home a desire to make sure that the actions I take during the holiday season are more about quality than quantity.

Since we’re going with the theme of “housekeeping” today, here’s an article I found when I was reading up on my Oprah.

I also found this little tidbit from a “Taste of Home” newsletter that I subscribe to … “You know the plastic stretchy mesh bags that oranges come in? I use them to make several items around the house:

1. Fold them over into themselves, and secure the ends with tiny rubber bands to make a scrubby for cleaning pots and pans, stove tops, etc. They won’t scratch, are easy to keep clean, and don’t cost a penny. The tiny rubber bands come from bunches of fresh green onions.

2. Fold them over into themselves (just like above), and stick them in the top of any sink drain to catch hair, small particles of debris, etc. Easy to remove, to clean and then use again.

3. Tie off one end creating a bag, insert panty hose or knee highs, tie off the top, and then toss the bag into the washing machine along with the laundry. The stockings won’t tangle, and you can even leave them in the mesh bag to put them in the dryer.”

Ideas are everywhere … Have a good weekend, friends!

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