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Spring is here in Minnesota with a vengeance … it’s been raining since I got up this morning. Under normal circumstances, this might bum me out, but it’s washing away all of the snow that we’ve accumulated and is uncovering the muddy brown lawns that will soon turn green. Oh, I cannot wait for that.

My husband and I took a road trip yesterday to go see my father. First and foremost, he had a birthday on Friday and he’s also recovering from some gallbladder issues that found him in the hospital earlier this month. It’s kind of funny – his stay in the hospital (about an hour’s drive from where I live) came right before gas prices started skyrocketing, but even if gas was $5 a gallon, I still would have made the drive. And I am very lucky to work at a job where the absences I had to take were taken in stride by my co-workers.

My mind contained a million other different thoughts as my husband and I were driving yesterday – last summer was marked with all sorts of various roadtrips that found us going to concerts that we enjoyed, seeing friends and family members, etc. If gas prices stay the same, I don’t know that we’re going to be doing as much as we did last year. Considering all of the projects that we discussed yesterday (raised garden bed built by my husband, finishing landscaping in our yard – a joint project for both of us, finally organizing my home office), the weekends at home might be what we need to get a lot of good work done in our home. In terms of the occasional desire to get out and about, there are plenty of spots that are within a half hour of here that my husband and I have yet to explore …

Today, I am catching up on my reading and hanging out with my husband … here’s some articles I found this morning. They don’t have anything to do with frugality, but I loved ’em and thought they’d be good to share:

“Don’t Call me, I Won’t Call You
” – Yesterday when I was returning from my parents’ house where I have zero cell reception, I realized that I had a voicemail from one of my coworkers. Since it was a project that we were working on together and I knew that she would be working on it this weekend, and since she is a dear friend, I really didn’t mind that she had called on a Saturday. But as I was trying to retrieve her voicemail, I kept getting a “total system error” message on my new phone. It still worked, per se – but no voicemail. I felt … liberated. 🙂 Of course, I finally found out what was going on and fixed it, but for that hour when I was mulling over the future of a cellphone with no voicemail, I was kind of giddy with the possibilities. This column made me realize that I’m really not a freak.

“The Woman Behind Erica Kane
” – OK, I need to preface this by saying that I don’t watch “All My Children.” My dad was a “Days of Our Lives” kind of man, thank you very much … And I didn’t even realize what I was clicking on when I read the article title, except that I thought Erica Kane was an author and that I had read one of her books. (I’m kind of dense, pre-coffee.) But even when I realized I was reading about Susan Lucci, I was relatively zen about it. I was particularly struck by the fact that this woman who has been in show business for darn near forever lives in the same house that she originally bought in 1978. When I think about celebrity, I think about decadence. This was a refreshing change.

Happy Sunday!

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