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Feeling nostalgic for frugality

While I am not making as much progress on my 2011 project of decluttering as I would like, I have been steadily picking along and cleaning up files, purging clothing that doesn’t fit or work for me anymore, going through cupboards, sorting through towels, etc., to get where I would like to be in the grand scheme of minimalism.

The other day when I was going through some of my old papers, I found some references that I had written down to Amy Dacyczyn’s book “The Tightwad Gazette.” The book is a compilation of Dacyczyn’s newsletters that she published in the 1990s and is considered to be one of the pioneering tomes of modern day frugality. I originally read this book in the early part of 2007. I was pretty damn broke and lived in a teeny, tiny apartment. I hadn’t secured my job at the cab company yet that gave me a little bit more breathing room financially and this was before my husband and I decided to buy a house together. I was steadily working towards paying off my credit card debt, but didn’t have a great plan in place yet to achieve my goal of being credit card debt-free, but I had heard about Dacyczyn’s book somewhere and picked it up at the library.

I’ll be honest – there are some things that Dacyczyn suggests that I don’t see myself replicating, but in a moment of nostalgia, I placed her book on hold at the library and cannot wait to read it once again. Sitting here four years later, I found myself wondering what Dacyczyn is doing these days and did a quick Google search of her name.

Katy at The Nonconsumer Advocate posted this video clip of Dacyczyn back in February. Right around the 1:52 mark in this interview, Dacyczyn says (and I’m paraphrasing): “We always think about frugality druing bad times. I wish people would practice it during good times because the bad times wouldn’t be as hard.”

Frugal Forever

Good words to live by.

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