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I have previously mentioned the writer’s group that I had joined during the month of March. It was only a four-week commitment, but it was a great chance to get to know some other writers in my community and to do something that I rarely do: Actually read my work to other people. Beyond the blogging world, which I am mightily fond of, I like to dabble in fiction. I don’t know that I’m any good at it, but I like one of the things that my group leader said: “Everyone has a story to tell.” For me, the challenge is carving enough time out of my life to make meaningful progress on the projects that I’m working on.

So beyond stepping out of my comfort zone, I also got the opportunity to meet a new friend. And from the minute that she started talking about homesteading and some of the lifestyle choices that she makes when it comes to frugality, I knew that this person was a kindred spirit. And now I get to share Laurie with all of you guys! Laurie’s blog “Everyday Notions” can be found here. This woman lives the frugal life and she’s now writing about it – giving instructions on how to make your own shower spray and links to other “notions” she’s found on the web.

My heartfelt congrats on your blog, Laurie … this is good stuff that I strive to accomplish in my life.

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  1. Ah, thank you so much for your kind words! As I was waiting for my slow computer to load your page, I was thinking about the “kindred spirit” connection. I’m excited to read your next fiction novel! You have a wonderful way with words and I know your novel will be FANTASTIC!

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