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I’ve been on vacation this past week. In this case, vacation has meant cleaning my house, playing too much Dr. Mario, drinking wine, watching movies and getting my home office set up. I was extraordinarily successful at drinking wine and watching movies – playing Dr. Mario and cleaning my house? Not so much. But as I write this blog post, I’m on my laptop in my “new” office and other than some vacuuming and the eventual placement of pictures, I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to so far in here. I call this success. 🙂

Anyway … I found this blog post from “Man Vs. Debt” that I had starred in my Google Reader and wanted to share it with you guys. In this post, Adam Baker is talking about the “universal truths” that he has found through his travels and the lessons that they bring to everyday life. I came across it when I was winding down the last days of my former job and this particular part resonated with me: “Truth #3: The ability to adapt is still the best currency in the world.”

I’ve been pretty blunt with myself and with my loved ones. I am very excited about the next opportunity in my professional life, but any time I throw myself headlong into the unknown I do have this niggling voice in the back of my head that would really like to stay safe and secure in the things that are “known” in this life. You would think that after several years of disregarding this voice that it would simply go away, but it doesn’t and it revs up to a fever pitch at around the times when I change jobs or extend myself outside of my typical comfort zone.

I fear failure. I absolutely, unequivocally fear the embarrassment of not being good enough to do a job. I fear letting people down. But I am comforted by Truth #3 … because I am going to adapt to this new challenge.

Have a good weekend, friends. 🙂

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