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Happy Sunday and Happy Easter to those who celebrate this holiday. Here’s some of the articles that have caught my interest as I’ve been perusing the Interwebs lately …

Choosing the Best Credit Card – Wait a second … I keep preaching about the EVILS of credit cards (at least when they are in my hands), why did I read and why am I recommending an article about finding the best credit card? Well, this article had interesting food for thought. And to be honest … I recently applied for a credit card. Through my new job. And the card is for work-related expenses only. Given the fact that I will be traveling more in the future for work and because there are a couple of trips that my husband and I will be taking in the near future to visit friends and family members via plane, I want to make sure that if we are using credit cards, we want to maximize what we can earn in mileage rewards, etc.

Prom Night Tips – I’m probably too late for this year, but if there are any kids reading this or any parents of teenagers who are baffled by the cost of one evening for their kiddo, this has some good tips on trimming down the cost. And it made me feel incredibly nostalgic.

This article made me sad … Time Magazine printed a blurb that claims a recent study shows that if you buy and carry expensive things, it can translate into a better life and maybe even a higher salary! Sigh! Then again, I keep telling myself that studies keep waffling back and forth as to whether coffee is good or bad for me, so I’m not going to give this too much credence.

These two articles made me happy – one is a list from Real Simple magazine that features “10 Unexpected Natural Cleaners” and the other one is a recent post from Frugal Babe that gives information on how to make your own natural facial cleansers. I am a long way from being an incredibly green person and most of the beauty products I use have a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients, so this gives me a good starting point to make some changes in my home and routine.


I had a recent “duh” moment that I want to share, because maybe through my mistakes and oversights, you’ll avoid having idiotic moments from time to time.

Water bottles. I believe in hydration. I have found out through extensive travel that I feel better after a long road trip or plane ride if I’ve been pushing water throughout. It’s really a no-brainer. But anyway … a few weekends ago, my husband and I took a long road trip to see his grandma and after we got back from eight hours on the road and we were cleaning out empty plastic bottles that we had discarded in the back I realized that we had spent about $10, maybe less on snacks, soda and water whilst on our road trip. Don’t get me wrong – we have “rituals” that we observe while making the trip down to see his grandma and one of them involves buying donuts from Casey’s (they make them fresh every morning … I don’t need the calories, but there’s something decadent about a slightly crisp, freshly iced donut that makes me wax poetic about them). But looking at the water bottles particularly frustrated me. Especially considering I have about a half dozen reusable water bottles at home. In the future, I just need to remember to take a few extra minutes the night before a trip to fill a couple of them, throw them in the fridge (or freezer) and pack a small cooler before the next road trip. It’s good for the environment and my pocket book.

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