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Still avoiding temptation

This is my second week working from home and so far – I’m liking it. I’m trying to foster good habits … taking a walk in the mornings shortly after I get up, making sure that the bulk of my work is done in the spare room that I’ve fashioned into an office, etc. (The only time that I’ve actually breached that rule was last Friday when I joined about 22 million other Americans in watching the Royal Wedding. What can I say? I couldn’t sleep – I said “just go with it” and ended up on the couch in my jammies with my laptop.)

But work isn’t the problem … frankly, it’s the promise of more money in the future. I will only get paid twice a month and my first paycheck is only going to be a fraction of what I will regularly receive, but this morning as I was walking I found myself thinking … about soda.

“Well, I could get some Diet Coke with Lime and put it in the fridge downstairs. I’ll get the husband some regular Coke. Or maybe that Vanilla Coke if I can find it.” This thought came after I was contemplating what beer I could put down in the dorm-sized fridge we have in the basement. The one that comes in handy whenever we have company over and have stuff in the fridge, but usually stays empty otherwise. But argh! No! My husband and I both enjoy soda, but we don’t keep it in the house for a very good reason: We drink it if it’s here. Not water, like we should. And even though you could debate the merits of drinking as much coffee as we do – it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners in it and the $5 I spend on my Trader Joe’s French Roast goes much farther than what $5 would be spent towards soda.

So I had a moment. And I reflect on the various conversations that my husband and I have had ever since we’ve heard about this job and its potential for eradicating our future debt load. We are overjoyed that we’re going to have extra wiggle room, but we don’t want this to change our frugality. We still want to worry about money and not fritter it away on meaningless stuff.

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