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Live for today …

I got an email from my husband this morning: “… and i saw there’s a billboard up on 14 west that says the rapture is coming on the 21st of this month. so… there’s that.”

My response: “Sh*t. I want to get those trees out before then.”

In case my snark didn’t inform you, I’m rather skeptical about claims that announce the end of the world. But if the end of the world was coming soon, I’d want to have my college loans paid off. Just because paying off the $30k+ of college loans would be an incredible accomplishment. One that will be followed by paying off the $100k left on our mortgage. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize … it would be nice to be debt free by age 35.


I went garage sale-ing this weekend with an old coworker of mine. I spent about $30 on some books, homemade treats and clothing. But the best part of garage sale-ing was this sign:

And yes – I partook of the free beer. It was easily the worst garage sale that I had went to that day, but there in the back of the garage was a keg of beer and a sign that said donations were appreciated. It was easily the best dollar I spent that day.

Garage sales are a trip … for me, it’s a good way to indulge in some low-cost retail therapy (similar to how I feel about going to Savers or Goodwill), but it’s also important to keep a perspective on not buying crap for the sake of accumulating more crap. One example was a really neat coffee maker that I saw – it was the kind that had the “mugs-to-go” feature and according to the label, it was rarely used. And it was a Cuisinart, a label that makes me drool. And although it was a temptation, I remembered that my husband and I tend to drink coffee by the pot, not by the mug. (I have to remember this every time I think I want one of those Keurigs.) So although it was a great buy in a sense, it would just be cluttering my already full kitchen counter.


Anyway – I hope that everyone is having a good week. I’m starting week three of the new job and I’m liking it. I’m going through some of what I’m terming “uncertainty of adjustment” which basically translates into self doubt, but it’s week three. I’ll keep growing and learning. 🙂

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1 thought on “Live for today …

  1. There is a personal finance angle about the billboards and signs about the rapture happening on May 21. I read that the man who paid for them spend his whole life savings of something like $140,000 on them.

    Being a Christian, I do hope that the rapture will happen on May 21, but I doubt it. The Bible says that no one can predict the time or day of the rapture. I feel bad for the man when May 22 comes and he is still here and he is broke. However, I do admire his willingness to put his money where his mouth is.

    Just my 2 cents.

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