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Get Rid of Your Stuff Day!

It always amazes me what “day” it is … I’m talking about more than just the standard Sunday through Saturday thing, I’m talking about the DAYS. There are TWO ice cream appreciation days – one in July and one in December. International Beer Day is August 5th. I think if there was ever something that you liked to do or something that was appreciated by society, someone, somewhere slapped a name on it and called it a “day.”

One day that I can totally back (beyond International Beer Day, because that’s just awesome) is a day that’s coming up this Saturday – May 14th is Give Your Stuff Away day. According to the website, this is the day where you bring all the excess STUFF in your life to the curb and just give it away. I tell you – in Minnesota, that seems to happen every weekend after a garage sale, but I digress …

My husband and I aren’t going to be celebrating this day in our household, mostly because we’re going to be visiting our in-laws that day, but also because my husband has been a rock star lately when it comes to weeding through our unnecessary stuff and finding homes for it – whether it’s taking a load of old clothing to Savers or getting rid of our old microwave through the “want ads” in his employer’s regular newsletter.

As for me – I was on a really great roll and need to catch the momentum once again, but I remind myself – frugality and minimalism is a journey. And I’m constantly traveling it.

For further input on what you can do with your excess STUFF rather than just kicking it to the curb can be found in this article from Get Rich Slowly. JD’s blog is one that I read regularly for inspiration when it comes to living the frugal and money-wise life.

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